C# 6 Preview Part II

This is the second part of a small series of features awaiting in C# 6. It covers auto-property initializers, getter-only auto-properties, string interpolation, null conditional operator and expression bodied members. If you missed the first part here it is. Auto-property initializers There isn't much to say about this feature but… »

C# 6 Preview Part I

This is the first part of a small series of features awaiting in C# 6. It covers the using static expression, the nameof expression and exception filters. Using static This syntactic enhancement lets you import all static members of a type (currently works for static types only) in a way… »

C# 6 - Feature Preview

There has been much going on lately for C# and the .NET platform in general. Although there is already a stack of blog posts on this topic I'd like to get my hands dirty and dive into some new language features by myself. How to get the preview? It seems… »

Creating a custom rule for FxCop

If you don't know what FxCop is take a look here since I'm expecting that you have a basic knowledge of what FxCop does and how it works. As mentioned at the end of that post it's possible to write your own rules for FxCop and I'll provide you with… »

Static code analysis with FxCop

Lately I wanted to take a dive into the wide field of static code analysis. Static code analysis basically means that you check your source code against design guidelines and best practice rules to ensure that your code complies with them. Since this is a tedious and error prone work… »